Receiving clients at the office, by appointment only

For the safety of our clients and employees, Nolet Advocaten has set up a number of rules and guidelines applying for personal appointments at the office.

  • The guiding principle is that personal appointments at the office will only be made in the event of cause or need for such an appointment. All other appointments will take place by way of telephone or video connection if possible.
  • The appointed attorney at law determines whether an appointment at the office is necessary for a proper handling of the client’s case.
  • The maximum duration of the appointment is 50 minutes. In the event that more time is necessary and only under exceptional circumstances, the appointment time can be prolonged, yet only upon such determination by the appointed attorney at law.
  • The client strictly follows the instructions of the Nolet Advocaten personnel.
  • Prior to the personal appointment the client needs to agree with the Nolet Advocaten rules and guidelines.
  • The client will come to the appointment alone. An exception to this rule can only be made under exceptional circumstances and upon such determination by the appointed attorney at law.
  • The client does not have health complaints such as sore throat, headache, fever, nasal cold, runny nose, etc. as described in the RIVM-guidelines. If the attorney at law observes such complaints, the appointment can be annulled.
  • In the event the client has had complaints prior to the appointment, the client declares that he/she has been complaint-free for at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.
  • The client and the attorney at law will keep at least 1,5 metres distance from each other.

Availability by phone

It is also possible that the secretariat needs to work from home. In that case, only one telephone line is available for incoming calls. We request that you take this into account and ask for your understanding in case the waiting time increases.

Contact your lawyer

If your question is not urgent or urgent, please send it directly to the attending lawyer by e-mail.

Mr. A.A. van Harmelen
Mr. S. Geerling
Mr. F.C. Knoef
Mr. V. Nolet
Mr. H. Schnoor
Mr. L.A.M.G. Wellen
Mr. A. van Eijck
Mr. C. Revis
Mr. S. Marjanović
Mr. P. van Schijndel
Mr. P. Drenth

Not yet client or are you having general questions?

If you have a general question or if you are not yet a client, please submit your question using the questionnaire shown below. This speeds up the handling of the emails.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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